• TITLE SEARCHES AND RESEARCH PRODUCTS PROVIDED BY THE FUND: Anyone can research public records to ascertain a property’s history of ownership and liens. However, our legal review of title examinations are based on certified products provided by our partners at Attorney’s Title Insurance Fund (the Fund) and insured by our underwriter, Old Republic National Title Insurance Co. (Old Republic) A professional title examiner is proficient in filtering through the overabundance of information so as to produce a complete and accurate title report and opinion. Our team of professionals is empowered with over 25 years of experience in title examinations. There may also be matters that won’t appear on local property records or searches. For instance, an heir or relative of a prior owner claiming an interest in the property may have a lingering claim not readily observable by the layman examiner. Many of these adverse claims can be considered a “cloud” or an encumbrance on title. As a buyer of a property or a mortgage lender, a cloud or encumbrance on title can be expensive and arduous to address. We are partnered with the Fund and issue policies of title insurance insured by Old Republic to protect and insure the purchase of real estate transactions


  • TITLE INSURANCE ISSUED BY OLD REPUBLIC: A common misconception among industry professionals is that all title insurance policies are created the same. It is important to note that not every aspect of a title record is covered by a policy of title insurance. It is also important to know when coverage begins and ends, and what company is backing your policy. Our policies are backed by Old Republic, one of the largest underwriters in the country. Old Republic has over 100 years protecting homeowner’s property rights. Our partnership with Old Republic creates a superior standard of title protection. In addition, we have developed a reputation for standing behind our issued policies to protect our consumers and defend every one of their property rights. The firm invests considerable time and effort in educating clients on matters insured and, more importantly, of those matters not insured. At its core, the purpose of title insurance is to eliminate the risks of defects not discovered or overlooked in the examination of a certified title search and insure against losses caused by defects in title arising out of events that occurred in the history of the title. The title insurance policy states, “if the status of title to a parcel of real estate is that other than as represented in the policy, and if the insured suffers a loss because of that title defect, the insurer will reimburse the insured for that loss and any related expenses, up to the face amount of the policy, with certain exceptions”. As an insured, it is equally important to know and understand both your coverages and your non-coverages. The firm accepts and understands the responsibility that comes with issuing policies of title insurance, as it is the most reliable mechanism of protection in the acquisition of real property.


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