• CORPORATE STRUCTURE: Corporate entities are great tools for the protection of assets against creditors, and they also help to shield taxpayers from overbearing tax exposure. What is the right entity for you? Our knowledge and experience can assist in deciding the right corporate entity for you and your business. Corporate filers have several options of which to choose from. Whether to incorporate a corporation, organize a limited liability company, form a partnership, joint venture, or limited liability partnership, the options may seem overwhelming. As a taxpayer, the filer may opt to be treated as a disregarded entity, partnership, or S Corporation, just to list a few options. We have the knowledge and experience to assist you in making the right decision and filing the necessary documents to effectuate your corporate needs.  
  • CORPORATE COMPLIANCE: We can also assist in managing and organizing your corporate activities. If you are caught unaware and uninformed about your duties as a corporate officer, you could expose yourself and your company to unnecessary liability, and even effect your qualifications under certain IRS rules. We assist you in preparing all necessary documents and register as required by state and federal rules. Register your annual reports and record your annual meetings to establish corporate compliance and maximize protection from liability and augment your tax benefits. 
  • BUSINESS TRANSACTIONS: As experienced business law practitioners advising business clients in Florida, we provide legal protection for investors seeking to acquire business opportunities. Whether it is establishing and drafting corporate structures, or whether it is purchasing already established business opportunities, the law firm of Rafael Fabian, P.A. is ready to research points of potential exposure, and prepare closing documents to effectuate your business acquisitions. Don’t be surprised with unexpected debts and liens owed by a business. We will assist you in your protecting you and your business.


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