• DEED TRANSFERS:Protect your family and loved ones by making those important changes to the title ownership of your home so that your heirs are not subjected to expensive probate services. We do this by utilizing such tools as Life Enhanced Deed (also known as Lady Bird Deeds). Secure your family’s stake in your estate now before it is too late. Our documents and consultation are important resources protecting family assets from creditors and burdensome posthumous procedures. Rafael Fabian, P.A. will provide helpful guidance and advice, and we will draft these relevant documents for your protection and peace of mind.
  • POWER OF ATTORNEY:We also provide documents that can be used to authorize trusted agents to sign and represent your interest in occasions where you or your loved ones are unable to decide for themselves. Our power documents can be used, among other things, to sell and convey property, open and manage bank accounts, and make medical decisions on behalf of others. Don’t be caught empty handed when your loved ones no longer have the capacity to execute and make important decisions. These documents are vital during arduous long-term healthcare moments. We know that these are tough issues to confront, but ignoring these problems will not make them go away, they just become harder to deal with. Please do not hesitate to ask our professionals about these documents and how we can assist in these difficult moments.


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