Heightened government regulations, changing market conditions, and recent changes to contractual forms and disclosures have created complexities for all real estate professionals. This industry, now more than ever, is a maze exposing consumers and those who service them, to unforeseen liability. For this reason, building a reliable team of professionals is more valuable than ever. Dedication and commitment by the staff at Rafael Fabian, P.A. creates an environment of trust and confidence often relied upon by professionals in the industry. Our goal is to assist our business partners and colleagues in providing a complete portfolio of services while providing a shield of legal protection for them, their clients, and their transactions.

  • REAL ESTATE AGENTS:Realtors are the gate keepers in the world of real estate transactions. They hold the key to pricing, negotiations, agreements, contracts, and transfer of possession. Our realtor partners enjoy the benefit of constant communication and consultation with our firm throughout the process of their transactions. Our reputation combined with our experience attracts many real estate brokers and agents when referring their clients and addressing their legal concerns. During transactions real estate agents may be confronted with numerous legal issues that need to be resolved. The mishandling of a transaction may lead to losing the deal altogether, or worse yet, exposure to claims of malpractice. Some issues may even result in suspension or loss of license. Many brokers throughout the state of Florida enjoy subcontracting their legal liability to our firm. They seek our legal guidance and support.
  • MORTGAGE AND LENDING PROFESSIONALS: If realtors are the gate keepers, then mortgage professionals are the locksmiths. Our mortgage professionals allow many aspiring homeowners to realize their dreams of home ownership where it may otherwise be unattainable. Often those homebuyers consult a loan officer or a mortgage broker prior to contract so that they can have an idea of available funds for purchase. Our mortgage partners, in turn, often consult with our professionals regarding property rights and title issues prior to rendering a loan application or a submitting to borrower an estimate of fees. We also work with lenders in providing our clients with the best financing options available in the market. We highly recommend to clients that they should consider multiple sources when evaluating their financing options.
  • ACCOUNTANTS AND FINANCIAL ADVISORS: We also help those professionals in the finance and accounting world. These professionals enjoy securing their clients’ financial needs with legal guidance. For instance, many financial advisors recommend our legal services to structure corporations and draft related corporate documentation, together with advising on real property law. We also provide guidance and support in other business transaction and related legal matters. Other related tax matters may include processing transactions through the complex process of 1031 Like Kind Exchange. With a 1031 process, investors get to defer capital gains tax payments by selling and buying like kind property pursuant to certain terms and conditions described in the IRS tax code. Our firm assists investors in facilitating this complex process.


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