Heightened government regulations, changing market conditions, and recent changes to contractual forms and disclosures have created an industry of complexity for all real estate professionals. These complex issues increase the potential for liability not only to the clients but real estate professionals. This is why becoming part of a team of professionals is more valuable now than ever. The dedication and commitment demonstrated by the law firm of Rafael Fabian, P.A. helped form a level of confidence with other professionals that they often consult and confide in our knowledge and experience in representing their clients. Our goal is to assist our business partners and colleagues in providing the most complete service under a united umbrella of services.

  • REAL ESTATE AGENTS: Realtors are the gate keepers in the world of real estate transactions. They hold the key to pricing, negotiations, agreements, contracts, and transfer of possession. As such our realtor partners enjoy the benefit of constant communication and consultation with our firm. Our reputation combined with our experience attracts many real estate brokers and agents when referring their clients and addressing their legal concerns. Many times during a transaction, a real estate agent may be confronted with numerous legal issues that so as to provide our clients with necessary advice on many aspects of real estate investments.
  • MORTGAGE AND LENDING PROFESSIONALS: If Realtors are the gate keepers and the holders of the key to the real estate industry, then mortgage professionals are the locksmiths. Without financing for prospective Buyers there would be no real estate industry. Many hopeful homebuyers consult a loan officer or a mortgage broker prior to contract in order to know the amount of funds that they would have available for purchase. Our mortgage partners, in turn, often consult with our professionals regarding property rights and title issues prior to rendering a loan application or a Borrower’s Estimate of Fees. We also work with Lenders in obtaining our clients with the best financing options.
  • ACCOUNTANTS AND FINANCIAL ADVISORS: We also provide assistance to those professionals in the finance and accounting world. These professionals take advantage of our resources to provide their clients with invaluable information with regard to corporations, real property laws, and other transactional legal matters. We also negotiate, draft, and execute corporate documents to help our finance professionals assist their clients.