• MORTGAGE LAW REPRESENTATION:Mortgage Law has developed as one of the most utilized legal services in the country. This became more prevelant with the introduction of federal regulations (TRID) and a multitude of changes to loan documents and procedures. Our expertise in mortgage law guidance and consultations protects our clients through the complex mortgage process. Our representation is vital to consumers who seek to refinance their property, purchase a home, or finance a complex commercial transaction. Having an experienced law firm review loan documents and guide the applicant through the process will help facilitate the transaction and create a professional, safe environment. Since its inception, Rafael Fabian, P.A. has worked with a multitude of lenders, bankers, and mortgage investors, and the firm continues its efforts in making your loan process easy and secure.
  • CD/HUD PREPARATION:With the new federal merger of the Truth in Lending Act (TILA) and the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) (now known as TRID), federal regulations have introduced a slew of procedural requirements, including disclosure rules and the introduction of a complex settlement closing statement known as the Closing Disclosure Statement. We are well versed in these regulations, and are well positioned to assist both Lenders and Borrowers to better understand the process and these complex forms. Please call the office and request a Borrower’s Estimate of Fees so that you can obtain a preview of these forms.
  • LENDER PROTECTION:We also represent private lenders in securing their lien positions on real property. The firm serves as legal counsel and as underwriter to many real property private lenders. Mortgage documents are drafted, and signatures are secured by our team of experts as part of the process of protecting private lenders and their mortgage interest. We also provide them with title insurance, making their loan investment secured and protected by real property.


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