• LEGAL CONSULTATION:In any real estate transcation, only an attorney is qualified to provide legal advice and opinion. Every transaction consists of several stages where legal advice is both necessary and invaluable. Don’t allow yourself to be caught unprepared and uninformed during any of these stages. Remember, no two transactions are ever the same. Do not rely on the experience of others in their own transaction, and never make assumptions without legal support. Not having the guidance and proper legal advice may expose you to unnecssary and expensive liabilty. Over the years, Rafael Fabian, P.A. has handled thousands of transactions including residential real estate transactions, complex commercial closings, and other corporate matters. The firm has represented buyers, sellers, lenders, banks, investors, realtors, and developers. We have the experience to guide and advise throughout every stage of the transactional process.
  • CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONS:The earlier you retain an attorney the more effective the representation will be throughout the contractual process. So why not retain an attorney at the beginning of the negotiation. A common error committed by home purchasers is signing an offer or contract prior to consulting an attorney. Once a contract is signed, an attorney could only review and explain the terms already bound. A misperceived truth is that your legal representation may not add any additional cost to your transaction. The value is priceless, and the cost is nominal. You have everything to gain without much in additional expense. For some, it is the biggest investment in their lives. Protect that investment with a team of professionals, including those that have the experience and knowledge in real estate law. 
  • REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS: Besides knowlede and experience, transactional attorneys must also have the consult of several real estate professionals in order to maximize his or her abilities to service. An attorney needs other real estate professionals that will enhance the ability to provide protection throughout every phase of a transaction. Rafael Fabian, P.A. has valuable business relationships with other professionals such as realtors, lenders, and mortgage brokers. Together they work to improve your protection with such as in your terms and conditions of the purchase agreement, providing a fair and accurate good faith estimate, and not exposing the clients to unnecessary risk. We also consult with surveyors, lien search reporters, and title insurance underwriters to assure the marketability and insurability of purchaser’s title in their investment.
  • A REAL PROPERTY ADVOCATE:We pride ourselves in our commitment to advocate for the rights and interests of our clients. Whether in negotiating terms of contract, negotiating releases of judgments, or disputing issues with a local municipality regarding violations and liens. We fight and defend our clients in their pursuit to acquire, possess, and protect property.


PLEASE NOTE: The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely on advertising or the information presented on this site. Before you decide to hire an attorney or our firm, please read through information about our qualifications and experience contained on this site. If you need further information, do not hesitate to contact our office.